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Hi there and welcome to my blog! My name is Julianne and I am the owner of Julianne Designs. I am based out of Dallas, TX and am so excited to serve all the weddings near me.

I am eager to see where this blog goes, and I decided first I would tell you about myself, my journey to becoming a wedding planner, and my plan for this blog.

I grew up here in North Texas and wouldn't have it any other way. During my teenage and college years I worked with my mom who was a wedding planner, coordinator and caterer, and I learned A LOT about the in's and out's of weddings and large events.

However, I hadn't discovered my passion yet and I went to college at the University of Texas at Arlington, and studied an undergraduate in nursing, and have since worked full time as an ER nurse. While I enjoy nursing, I discovered my passion for event planning and design while planning my own wedding a year ago. Using my experience and so much advice from my lovely mother, I decided to branch out and finally start my own business.

Not only do I thoroughly enjoy planning, I thoroughly enjoy designing and decorating events. I have always been an admirer of interior design and have applied that knowledge to decorating events.

With this blog, I hope to share the unfiltered world of wedding planning and decoration. Things I wish I had known while planning my wedding, must needed items or traditions, and DIY decorations.

I hope to see you follow me on this journey!


Julianne Designs

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